De Vivo jewellery store was born in 1994 in Treviglio and, since then, it is synonym of passion for the best Italian goldsmith handicraft.

Thanks to the goldsmith handicraft lab. in Milan which, represented by G. B. has been manufacturing precious stones since 1949, the affirmed relationships with other selected Italian goldsmith labs and the excellent sales channels for the purchases of precious stones, De Vivo jewellery store succeeded, over the years, in making a name for itself,  thanks to its ability to produce gorgeous jewels, keeping an extra sharp eye on the final prices.

Such valuable cooperations have become the strongest points, showing to be always up to the highest levels of quality needed by Robert De Vivo, firmly concerned, as his father Antony had always been teaching him, with satisfying his loyal clients’  passion for beauty,  complying, nevertheless, with whichever budget.

This is the mission of De Vivo Jewellery: the never-ending search, in luxury, of the best matching between the highest quality and the price, which is always profitable for its clients.

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